Sunday, March 13, 2016

It's Why You're Here

Our uniqueness is the very thing that makes us alike.
We appear similar and have similar physical attributes, but we can never truly understand what's it's like to be another person. Sure, the human genome has been sequenced, but the human soul never will be. We are a lovely beautiful mess of amazing mystery.
Who's to say what insignificant things may have affected who we are? What triumphs our tragedies imprinted or souls? What historical events stored in our ancestral memory have shaped us? What moment of awe and wonder opened our spirits, called to us, spoke to us, formed us?
Bravely be who you are. Don't worry if others accept you or agree with you. Fight for what you believe in. Follow your dreams. Give your heart and soul to kindness. Never hold back on love.

And understand this - there will never be another you. Being who you are is the one thing only YOU can do. The gifts you bring are uniquely yours. In the end you will change the course of the world just like every person who has ever drawn breath and dared to be themselves. Chase life. Run long and hard at it. It's your destiny. It's why you're here.

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