Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Hey, there are things I just can't explain. Counter intuitive things that people do. At least they don't make sense at the time. But let's face it. We don't read minds. You really can't know what goes on inside of someone else. We barely understand ourselves.

And just when you think you've figured people out you realize it's not that easy. The momentum has changed. It's two outs in the bottom of the ninth with the tying run on third base. Now what do you do?

Well, it depends. It depends whether you're in the outfield or at bat. It's all a matter of perspective. Perspective will determine how you respond to any given situation.

There are things that you can make constant in your life that your friends, family, and co-workers will thank you for. Things that will give your life perspective and consistency.

° Always be kind
° Try not to be judgemental
° Laugh at yourself (don't take yourself so damn seriously)
° Do what you can to help others
° Remember you're not the center of the universe (honestly, you're not)
° Don't be so rigid - things usually shake out in the end

I know it sounds simple, but if we all worked towards these things the world would be a totally different place. And we could stand a little of that right now.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Circular Thoughts

When I visualize time I don't see it as linear. In my mind I see time as circular. Like the dial of an analog clock. Early to late, young to old, lifetimes to decades, centuries to eons - all continuous cycles of an ever revolving reality. No beginning. No end. Eternity flowing from eternity. On and on and on.
Likewise I visualize the year as represented by that same clock where the hours mark months. The equinoxes and solstices square off in their rightful quadrants. The turning of the seasons. New year turn to old and back again. Completed and repeated. On and on and on.
We are not insignificant. We are the links connecting this time to the next. What we do here, what we say here, how we treat each other is how history will judge us. This minute, this hour, this day, this season, this year, this decade, this lifetime. Perpetuated throughout time, who's invisible hand we hold each and every day.
So for me It's not such a far fetched thought to consider the idea that I will likewise return to that from which I came. Back to humanity's Garden. Where the created is once again aligned with the Creator in ultimate reconciliation and where I will move effortlessly to the next cycle of my existence.
In the meantime I hope to accomplish the work of my life before that time. If I can I will feel that I have done my part in the grand scheme of things.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Somewhere today some little hatchlings started to grow some feathers so they could eventually become birds so they could someday take wing and fly. Oh, they don't know this just yet. They're too young to realize just how wonderful it's going to be, but that doesn't stop their feathers from growing. And someday soon they'll be fledglings and they'll take that leap of faith out of the nest and they might even fly on the first try. But even if they don't that won't keep them from trying. And trust me, they will eventually fly, because they're birds and that's what they were born to do.

Meant for More

So you've heard the voice inside your head say, "You were meant for more than this." A voice that over time has become so familiar and so dear that where it speaks and where you listen may be the biggest mystery of all. And it's true. We are more than the sum of our parts. Even though it doesn't always feel this way, we are meant for more than this.

Everything that has meaning happens when we are present and open to loving each other. When our hearts and our minds are willing to see that even the simplest event, the smallest interaction, can be life altering - if not for us then for someone else.

But it all depends.

It depends on you and it depends on me. Both of us willing to see past our differences and biases. Both of us making the effort to look beyond our expectations. Both open to seeing each other as we are and accepting each other regardless.

So forgive me when I am less than this. I really want to be more. More loving, more caring, more forgiving. Give me the opportunity to show you who I really am. No, I'm not perfect. You'll see me trip and fall short. But I know in my heart I was meant for more than this - so I keep trying.

Will you make the commitment with me to leave this world a better place because we were here and cared about each other? Really cared? I know it's going to take some effort, but who knows, it might just raise the whole world up to where it's meant to be.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Just Okay

It's okay sometimes for things to be "just okay". It's really hard to maintain a constant rate of speed and excitement. Most times life is amazing, but sometimes she can be messy and cranky and will sass back when you tell her to calm down and take a chill pill. Once she stops pouting and gets over herself she's usually happier and better behaved.

Remember, just because you can doesn't mean you should. Balance is about knowing when to walk and when to run full speed. When to close your eyes and get centered and when to lean into the scary abyss and trust the Universe.

Everyday is different, but you'll know what to do. Just be ready when life calls a time out. Go sit the bench and rest up because you never know, the next round might be totally breath taking!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

When I Was

When I was younger I created objects with my hands, then when I got older I created songs with my voice, now that I'm older still I create concepts and ideas with my words. It has been a natural evolution where all three flow from the One Creative Force that resides in me.
To be an artist and creator of things is a wonderful gift that we should encourage in ourselves and in others, because we all have the ability to do it.

We live in a world flush with creativity. A world where all of life is sacred and each and every one of us has the ability and gift of expressing that sacredness in everything we do. Actions are creative acts regardless of whether they bring forth works of art or changes in the heart.

My hope is that we begin to see that whether we create good or evil we have the ability to change the world. Let's choose to make it a better place.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

So Proud

I can't help myself. I get excited when people I know, especially people I dearly care about, have successes. Most times it's not a direct benefit to me except for the fact that I thoroughly enjoy it.

I love to hear their stories front to back, beginning to end. Love to see their eyes light up. Love watching them come alive in the telling. Love the fact that life really is full of possibilities. That they've hit one of those little lotteries that happen once in a while to remind us we're special and life can and does have meaning.

All you have to do is keep doing the right thing. Be the person you truly can be. Take the risk to walk through that open door. And most of all be willing to do the hard work it takes to get where you want to go.

You can do it. I know you can. And when it happens (and believe me it will) be sure to share, because you make me proud!