Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Circular Thoughts

When I visualize time I don't see it as linear. In my mind I see time as circular. Like the dial of an analog clock. Early to late, young to old, lifetimes to decades, centuries to eons - all continuous cycles of an ever revolving reality. No beginning. No end. Eternity flowing from eternity. On and on and on.
Likewise I visualize the year as represented by that same clock where the hours mark months. The equinoxes and solstices square off in their rightful quadrants. The turning of the seasons. New year turn to old and back again. Completed and repeated. On and on and on.
We are not insignificant. We are the links connecting this time to the next. What we do here, what we say here, how we treat each other is how history will judge us. This minute, this hour, this day, this season, this year, this decade, this lifetime. Perpetuated throughout time, who's invisible hand we hold each and every day.
So for me It's not such a far fetched thought to consider the idea that I will likewise return to that from which I came. Back to humanity's Garden. Where the created is once again aligned with the Creator in ultimate reconciliation and where I will move effortlessly to the next cycle of my existence.
In the meantime I hope to accomplish the work of my life before that time. If I can I will feel that I have done my part in the grand scheme of things.

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