Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Book

I would say in a figurative sense we re-make ourselves everyday. A creation story, if you will, where we become who we are meant to be. Perhaps that is where logic goes astray for some when it comes to the Biblical account of creation. Perhaps the entire Book, rich in symbolism and metaphor, is not meant to be so literal and exact. When looked at in that way it can be quite an amazing Book where truth is hidden in each story and not merely judged by bare facts that can't be proved.

Have we not each experienced our own Garden of Eden? Have we not desired the forbidden fruit? Have we never felt exiled and forsaken? Have we not been held captive and enslaved? Have we never had the fear of Giants in our bones or been thrown into the lion's den? Have we not felt swallowed by our surroundings? Have we never been at the well alone and ashamed and had someone accept us for who we are? Have we not sacrificed our own well-being for others? Have we never felt redemption in the arms of a lover or been saved by the faithfulness of a friend?

Because the facts can't be proved doesn't mean it isn't true in the sense that something in the ancient text is deeper and more poignant than mere facts.

Throughout the ages man has tried to explain his existence and the events of his life. How he came to be and what his purpose is. It's a common thread in the written word of all civilizations. We desperately want to understand. But there are things we will never understand and so we are left with these canonized Words we hope will guide us.

I can't prove these things actually happened. Perhaps the only thing I can prove is the truth lies within those pages when applied to life as reflective stories and parables. Story is a powerful thing my friend and that, along with the God of my understanding, is more than enough for me.