Monday, January 4, 2016

Balance and Equilibrium

Balance and equilibrium are wonderful things.

In the late summer of 1998 we purchased acreage in Vermont with the intention of building a small cabin there. It was a beautiful site near the Battenkill River Valley at the foot of the Green Mountains where we could see the Taconics on the other side.

Later that fall we took a trip up to start planning the site and discovered that loggers had cut trees on an adjacent lot to ours and dragged them across our property leaving large... furrows and damage. Heavy logging trucks that hauled the logs away had pushed the road apart and left tire tracks so deep that subsequent rains created ruts that measured up to our knees. The road was completely impassable.

We decided to sue loggers for damages, but let’s face - it nobody wins a lawsuit in the end. To be honest it would’ve take tens of thousands of dollars to repair the road, which the loggers themselves could scarcely afford. In the end we settled for a small dollar amount, which we decided to use on the cabin . . . if we ever built it.

In late spring we ventured back up to the site certain we wouldn’t be able to reach it and dreading the subsequent disappointment we’d feel. To our surprise the road had already started to heal itself. The melting winter snow and spring rains had loosened the soil and began leveling out the damage. The natural evolutionary process of the earth had solved our problem.

There is a natural equilibrium to life that we often don't see because it happens over the long haul. Sometimes circumstances beyond our control make us vulnerable to the erosion of our spirit. But we are slowly and purposely healed by the daily occurrences of life, the support of our family and friends, and by a guiding hand that we cannot see. So have faith - over time everything will even out.

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