Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Part We Play

We only get a certain amount of time to be on this planet and it's an extremely short period of time to boot. It's so short we consider it precious. To be alive is a rare gift that we must honor, value, and cherish. It must not be squandered. We must find out our purpose in life, accomplish it, and leave the world better for it.

This innate sense of self sets us apart from the rest of creation. Our need to feel meaningful, that our lives have intrinsic value beyond simple existence, that we are individually unique and special. This is what drives us throughout our lives.

Perhaps a better question is why human beings have such big egos to start with, but putting that aside I'm willing to explore that maybe it's true. Maybe we are put here for a specific purpose.

What if our gift, our talent, our purpose which was uniquely given to us was part of a larger bigger more magnificent organism? What if we carried only a piece of the puzzle? What if we belonged to something more wondrous than any of us could possibly do on our own?

What if we could see our connectedness? What if we could understand the amazingly complex integration of our actions? How much more positive a force for good we could be! Instead of fighting each other for space, time, and recognition we could work together supporting our differences knowing we all have a part to play.

Hmmm, me thinks it's not such a bad idea.

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