Friday, December 18, 2015


As a story lover I'm always keenly aware that each and every one of us are actively writing our own stories. Sometimes stories write themselves. Sometimes we have to work at writing them. And sometimes we have to go back and edit those stories for the endings we really want.

The stories Storytellers tell audiences are actually microcosms of the stories we live. This is why storytelling is so effective. It speaks to us on some level or another. Storyteller's understand the power story has and how they can touch, affect, and sometimes alter people's lives.

Truth is at the heart of every story. Sometimes it's about the heroine and sometimes it's about the villain. But it's always about finding what is at the heart of the main character. What they are made of? How do they handle the circumstances thrown at them? In our life stories the plot twists can be our inconsistent actions and reactions. Unexplainable to us and people who know us. But at the conclusion of the story it all becomes clear because we can't be false about who we truly are when it's all said and done.

Perhaps the simplest story is; a man was born, he lived, he loved, he died. But there is so much more to the story. At a time when there seems to be so little intrinsic value in anything there is so much value in Story. Stories can distract us from the pain and suffering of life, but they can also inform us about our resilience and heroism. They teach us we are more than the momentary trials and tribulations we face. We are meant to soar . . . to soar, to fly, and to overcome. Even in death we tell ourselves stories of eternity. We will - we must - live on. We are too wonderfully and mysteriously made to do otherwise.

So go boldly and write your story. Put meat on those bones. Imagine the possibilities. Face the dragons. Kiss the frog. Save the Princess. Enjoy the journey. Make it your own. In the end those who knew you best and loved you well will have your story in their hearts and there you will live forever.

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