Tuesday, July 12, 2016

This Side of Normal

Did you ever wonder if someone made up the word "normal" just to throw the rest of us off track? Like maybe there is no such thing?
I keep saying to myself, "Once things get back to normal then I'll . . . ", but so far I haven't even gotten close.
I have this deep desire to have a normal life where I have a normal job that pays me a normal wage so I can spend it on normal things and enjoy normal weekends. But what do I get instead? A crazy hectic life with way too much to do and too little time to enjoy it.
Thoreau once said he didn't want to get to the end of his life and realize that he hadn't actually lived. Know the feeling. There's too much grease on these skids for me. Life is flipping by. I barely have time to think. Makes you wonder when all this happened. When did things change? Who's lame idea was this anyway? It's not normal I tell you!
I'm going back to my original motto . . . "Start out slow and tapper off". I can't claim originality for that one. I read it somewhere a long time ago and really liked it. But you can see why. It's got a nice ring to it. A sit with your arms draped over a lazy swing while you push off with your toes feel going on. An eat your Apple with one hand and sip ice tea with the other kind of flavor to it. A just kick back and watch the world go by on a summer evening after a thunderstorm with nothing on your mind but the smell of fresh rain sort of laziness. Oh yeah, I'm liking that idea.

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