Thursday, July 28, 2016

Not Alone

This world can be a crazy place. It wants you to believe that everyone is out to get you. It will tell you that your struggle is solitary, that no-one else understands or cares. It will make you feel angry and frustrated, used and abused. It will take away your joy and make your heart old. There are very few things on this earth that have more power over us than fear of being alone, abandoned, and helpless.
But we are not alone.
Everyday we have the opportunity to confront this beast. To call out the Dragon. To expose the fallacy. To shine the Light of Truth on it. Yes, we have that power. The power to choose who we will be and how we will act. To rise above the noise and chatter. To move mountains and shake valleys. To make a world of difference to another human being. To hold a hand, wipe a tear, and share a moment of true connection.
When we share with each other the world is not so scary after all. We just need to take the time to love each other. To accept each other for who we are. To recognize we're all the same. We just need to move out of our closed little worlds and step out into the Light of day. Let's embrace each other and care about each other. Because we're meant to walk together in this endeavor called life and until we actually do that we'll never be compete as human beings.

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