Friday, July 22, 2016


In technology Middle-ware is a program that goes between an operating system and another program that allows data to be posted from one system to the other. Systems that otherwise wouldn't talk to each other. Something has to bridge the gap. In a perfect world there would be no need for middle-ware.
The spiritual history of mankind is full of middlemen. Go-betweens because people were either afraid or didn't feel capable of meeting God face-to-face. People like Rabbis, Shamans, Priests and the like. We didn't feel safe meeting God without some sort of distance. Truth is we've never been very good at handling things directly. We always look for someone else to intercede.
But I will tell you a secret. There is that of God in everyone. Every time you interact with someone you are meeting God face-to-face. This is why the phrase "Whatever you do to the least of these you do unto me" is so true.
We are spiritual beings in physical bodies. We have the power to effect people, and not only that . . . we have the ability to affect the entire world! You may not even realize the power that you actually have. You are an amazing creature with the power of the universe inside of you. For good or evil you have an affect. For good or evil you can affect another human being who has this very same potential. I truly believe that if we lock arms and combine all this incredible spiritual heritage and energy we can change the world!
Namaste, my friend.

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