Thursday, February 18, 2016


When Quakers are trying to find answers we say we're looking for "clearness". In other words, do I have a clarity of heart and mind to either move forward with a matter, wait, or take other action? Can I come to a point where I understand the options and ways forward and feel those choices are in line with what I believe, who I am, and what want to be?

Many times life is so muddled. There are many voices and choices presented to us all the time. Actions that in the past would... have been totally unacceptable are now celebrated. Considerations that were once afforded even to strangers are now neglected and even ridiculed. It's a crazy mixed up world theses days and there's very little "clearness" in it.

Clearness happens when we take the time to still our hearts and minds and spend time to thoughtfully consider the options we have before us. Not ignore them, not run away from them, but realize there's a direct connection to the choices we make and the type of people we become.

Going with the flow of negative actions and behaviors drags us all down. It's all too easy to fall into the trap. It's fed to us from social media, from news media, reality TV shows, politicians, even from our friends and family. But when everyone wants to be top dog, when everyone is hell bent on winning or being better than everybody else . . . everyone loses.

It's time we tried to get some clearness. It's time we matched our actions and words with what we believe, who we truly are, and who we wish to be. Who knows? If we can find the clarity to be more genuine with those around us maybe they will gain some clearness too and we can all become more kind and loving people.

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