Thursday, February 25, 2016

An Unplanned Life

Maybe it's time we take a break from trying to cram so much meaning into everything we do. Time wasn't so long ago that we were more concerned with the amount of daylight we had left to play than what was due in school the next day.

Oh sure, I was a big daydreamer. No surprise there. I figured out the world through imagination. I played my way into adulthood. I skipped and tripped into opportunities. I let my heart lead the way and when I lost heart I went with the flow. My life just sort of spilled out like a stream; meandering, winding, seeking its own level. I never felt it was my plan anyway. I always felt a Higher Hand in things. And eventually I ended up where I was supposed to be and when I didn't I just asked, "What's next?"

So mine has been an unplanned life. Full of surprises and filled with wonder and love. It might seem haphazard and maybe it is, but to me it's the most normal natural way to be. I wouldn't trade all the wonderful experiences and incredible people I've met for anything. I carry them around inside of me. I like the unknown unexpected adventure that life can be. Knowing what's going to happen next is overrated. No one really plans a giggle. No one choreographs wonder and amazement. No one knows exactly the way life will go. Truth is, you never know when the best day of your life will be. And with any luck you might end up with lots of them.

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