Saturday, December 12, 2009

What is this Mystery - Christmas

What is this mystery - Christmas,
that draws me out yet draws me in?
Tis' love perhaps or maybe,
what I do not know...and yet,

What is this mystery - Christmas,
when all of man companions mine,
do walk with me as arm in arm,
in hope of harmony and trust,

That crashes gates of parted time,
and brings me to the manger side,
To bid me look in honest eyes,
of childlike faith and openness.

What is this mystery - Christmas,
of carols bright and faces glow,
And all the best within the heart,
of man once made of stone?

Oh, teach me such a wondrous thing,
so simple and yet grand,
That God, who has no need of me,
yet reaches for my hand,

And turns my heart to fertile ground,
where once there grew but thorns,
To bring me to the breast of God,
and man alike as one and same.

Oh, wondrous glorious mystery this,
that I may never know,
It matters not, one single thought,
when willingly I go.

© 2009

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