Thursday, December 10, 2009

Razzle Spazzle Dazzle Do

Razzle Spazzle Dazzle Do,
Woke up this morning with something to do.
She stretched and yawned heading to the dog door,
It’s her usual routine; breakfast, nap, and then chore.

She knew something was wrong when she tried to get out.
She bumped and she pushed the dog door with her snout.
But try as she might it just wouldn’t give way,
‘Cause there was two and a half feet of snow in the way!

She ran back upstairs and sat on my chest,
She pawed me and nosed me and gave me no rest.
She was so darn persistent I knew something was up,
With my little Black Labrador/Golden mix pup.

“Something is wrong with my little dog door,
I pushed and I pawed and I pushed it some more.
I can barely see daylight there’s just too much snow,
So get up and get dressed - I need to go!”

I pulled back the covers and slipped out of bed,
I walked down the stairs and scratched at my head,
But when I opened the door to my total surprise,
I squinted and gawked and I rubbed both my eyes.

In the open doorway stood a snow door imprint,
We both stood there starting in complete amazement. 

Then she suddenly jumped like a gazelle from her feet,
Between the snow and her belly her feet wouldn’t meet.

So she leaped and she jumped and she hopped and she flew,
‘Til she found a place where the drifts were but few.
And she happily squatted though the wind was still blowy,
Getting back to the dog door?  That’s a whole other story!

© 2009

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