Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Our Shoes

I assume it would be safe to say that if you pressed your open hand into the dirt, whatever stuck to your palm at that moment would be rightfully yours. And I assume that if the creak of an old door suddenly awoke something deep within the historical memory of your ancestral DNA, it would be wise to listen. Wise to enter that moment where the past intersects the spiritual vortex that leads to the crystal clear absolute now.

If we could, for that fleeting moment, be so deeply "in our shoes" that our socks were squishy with the sweat of God Himself, then we would see with our own two eyes that the Bush still burns - that our lives are changed - how different we are!

This is the secret of life. To fully live in the present moment. To drink in the Truth that all of life is sacred down to the last crumb of bread in an ant's grasp . . . if we are there and truly awake to it.

© 2009

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