Friday, September 18, 2009

Holy of Holies

If You would be so kind, my God,
to meet me in this quiet place,
and hold me in the Light of light
and love and hope and grace.

Where Face to face we reconcile,
the only distance that exists,
a veil as thin as dewy mist,
within the mind of man forgot.

In Truth, there is no distance here,
and never was if tale be told,
it only was because of fear,
instilled by those who sought control.

But now their places are mere dust,
and ashes left to blow away,
for all are priests and free to come,
into the House that holds the soul.

Which has no walls or floor nor roof,
and yet is better Home than hearth,
for weary traveled souls as ours,
and all who come to seek the Light.

© 2009

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