Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Sometimes what lies ahead is more daunting than what I want to deal with. I start thinking about retreating or getting around the issue. Say what you will about facing forward and looking what you dread in the eye. It's not something anyone honestly wants to do. The urge to flee can be stronger than the urge to fight.

I've heard it said the only way out is through, but that's not necessarily true. Some days I can face the things that scare me and some days I can't. It depends... on who's with me, how strong I feel, and how sick I am of repeating the same thing over and over again.

And sometimes things are what they are. It's not that you're weak or self-centered or fearful, you're just too tired to do anything different and the unknown is something you honestly don't know and it looks bigger and badder than the ugly thing you're dealing with.

But eventually the time will come and you'll need to make a change. Sometimes that change will take you to a place you're not ready for, but you will be someday. And when that time comes you can rest assured you're standing on the shoulders of giants - people who felt the same way you do now, but worked through the difficulties and made it to the other side.

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