Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Promise and Reflection

Daybreak and sunset are miraculous times of the day. One holds the promise of what is to come and the other reflection on the things that were. Likewise, we begin our own lives with anticipation and hope and we end our days in thoughtful reflection on how we spent it.

It's not surprising that our lives are reflected in nature. We are after all creatures of the earth. And yet of all the inhabitants of this world we seek a life beyond mere survival and existence. We seek meaning and purpose. We seek that of God, whatever that may be.

Now is the time to create goodness. Now is the time to do amazing things. Now is the time to partner with The Light. Don't hold back. Reach high. Lean in strong. Put force behind your convictions. Give all you have to give until there is no more.

There will be plenty of time later for reflection on the way things were.

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