Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Notes from Saint Thomas - Early Morning on the Beach

Whatever it is you have for me to do – let me do it.

Help me find my way.  So many directions – so many suggestions.  Where does the soul lead?  What does the “Still Small Voice” say?  “This is the way, walk in it – whether you turn to the right or the left.”

Share joy, teach excitement, show light, be peace.

“There shall be beautiful words flow from thee my child and they shall minister life unto many – for I have chosen it and it is good.”

In the meantime – who, what, where, when, how?

Bring me to the Peace that passes all understanding.  Create in me a clean heart, oh God, and renew a right spirit unto me.  Let kindness be my religion.

What can be – what will be – what has always been.  Life lived in joy – in expectation – in hope of the reconciliation of all things.  In the transformation of the heart of man into the likeness of the living, vibrant God.  What could possibly be more important?

Not what you do, but who you are!  A human being, not just a human doing.  Living in the ultimate purpose – love.

All things will pass away – all that remains is Love.  All of life is sacred, all of life connected, all returning to the One Source, all created in the Image of God whom having not seen we still love and are ultimately drawn to, because there is nothing else remaining so real or true.

Share joy, teach excitement, show light, be peace.

Be the hands and feet of God’s limitless love and understanding.

Do not fail to do the only thing you can do – to be yourself.

God will make the way – God I believe, help my unbelief.

© 2010

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