Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Man Who Had No Name

There was a man who had no name, so he went searching for someone who might look into his face and recognize him and call to him and tell him who he was.

He roamed through all the cities and towns, but there was no one who could satisfy his search.

He walked a ways out into the countryside where there was no hustle of commerce or society of man; where the songs of birds and rustle of wind in the leaves gave him rest from his searching - for his quest had made him so tired.

He sat under the shade of a tree to rest his weary feet and he listened.  He listened to the wind.  He listened to the songs of the birds.  He listened to the tumble of the brook and the chatter of the squirrels.  And he rested.  His mind roamed the hillsides in thought.

"The Wind," he said, "Is simply the wind."

"The Water," he said, "Is simply the water."

"The Earth," he said, "Is simply the earth."

“And God,” he said, “who created all things upon the earth - knows exactly who I am."

© 2009

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